Shopping experience

There is hardly any area where as many components and tasks come together as in shop fitting: from the use of a wide range of materials, the sometimes highly complex security requirements on the sales floor or the consideration of national characteristics, as well as logistical challenges. Each project is different and requires a high degree of structure and a systematic approach in order to complete the project reliably within the calculated cost and time window. This is precisely where we excel!

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Hotel concepts implemented quickly

The comfort of your guests is an important criterion in a hotel for satisfied customers. There are also other aspects to be considered, aspects which need to be taken into account for a successful hotel-concept. Short routes for staff, aesthetic aspects and budgetary constraints must be kept in mind.

As a general contractor, Stapelbroek supports and implements you in organization including technical building equipment "from a single source". In particular, a sensitive approach to conversion during ongoing operations is one of our strengths.

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Efficient work

Not only should work be fulfilling, but an optimally designed workplace is also important for the success of every employee and thus for the company. We support you as a general contractor in your projects for an entire office building or even individual offices. With our years of experience, we know what makes a professional office - we execute your project efficiently, on time and within budget.

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Turning space into perfection