Best Western Donner's Hotel & Spa: Catch up some maritime charme

The Best Western Donner's Hotel & Spa pays a special tribute to the city of Cuxhaven: the silhouette of a fishing trawler decorates a wall surface almost in full size. An original canvas with the area code CUX and the respective room number serves as a wall decoration. Special maritime accents like these make up the charm of the 19 rooms and bathrooms all furnished by TeamStapelbroek.

Our team supervised the complete renovation works on five floors at the same time. Our team coordinated the gutting of the premises and organised all building services and the detailed adaptation to the different room situations. Special attention was paid to the completion and renewal of the fire protection systems. Especially remarkable is the short implementation time of the project during on-going hotel operations: From the planning to the commissioning of the new rooms the refurbishment was completed in less than three months.

Turning space into perfection