G-Star Store opens in La Roca Village near Barcelona

In December G-Star opened a new store in the outlet centre LaRoca Village near Barcelona, implemented by the Stapelbroek team.

A store like a cathedral: The ceiling height of 14 meters creates a literally unique atmosphere. The height is optimally exploited. A balcony alcove above the centre of the store impressively sets the stage for the G-Star product world. Behind the scenes, a freight elevator facilitates everyday work processes in the store. Unmistakable G-Star elements are the specially designed side panellings. The flooring appears in three zones, one shows a special spatula technique, another high-quality parquet in 3D effects and the third embedded carpet in the footwear area. They perfectly underline the particular G-Star-Look.

Stapelbroek has implemented the complete construction and fitting on its 355m² of store surface.

We were especially happy about the heartwarming words the store manager found for our good cooperation on site.


Turning space into perfection