H.ostel, Münster: A double-decker bed box becomes a "Cocoon" for every guest

Under the brand name "H.ostel" the hotel company H-Hotels has been offering 45 rooms in the city center of Münster with a total of 163 beds, from double rooms to ten-bed rooms since the end of last year. H.ostel shows a metropolitan design, underlined by the special furniture made by Stapelbroek. The focus is on the robust double-decker bed boxes made of maritime pine and adorned with individual prints. This is an element that is resumed by the coat rack panels in the open areas, also made by Stapelbroek. The budget hotel is the first of its kind in the student city, and the new concept is now going to be successively implemented in other cities as well. The aim of the new brand H.ostel is to offer to the guests a simple yet high-quality overnight stay.

The double-decker bed box is the centrepiece of the new H.ostel brand, which H-Hotels created exclusively for H.ostel and which our team has built according to their design. The material combination of wood and steel follows the idea of ​​"cocooning" and is at the same time a bedroom and living room. This "small cave" serves as an individual retreat, which allows maximum privacy despite limited space. The luggage of the guests can be stowed comfortably and locked in the drawer integrated under the bed. Thanks to modular construction, the entrances of the bed box can easily be adapted to the respective room situation.

Our team realised the technical planning of the bed box, its mandatory general safety certification, the production and assembly within eight weeks.

Turning space into perfection