Jac Hensen, Apeldoorn is the "shop of the future", newspaper says

In Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, you can see the "Shop of the Future" - at least, so says the title of the article in the 'Apeldoorns Stadblad' on the recently opened Jac Hensen shop in the city. The men's outfitter has only recently opened its twelfth branch there, again completed by Team Stapelbroek. Our guys also realised eight other Jac Hensen shops in Amersfoort, Enschede, Hengelo, Doetinchem, Veenendaal, Dordrecht and Zutphen.

On the 500m2 in Apeldoorn, our team guaranteed a smooth implementation of the shop concept. Offline- and online-shopping go hand in hand, customers can view and order the entire assortment online at the store.

This shop concept has even won an award for this: Jac Hensen has been chosen as the "Best store chain in the Netherlands for men's fashion" the third time. Congratulations, Jac Hensen! In some way, Team Stapelbroek can also be proud of this award, as well. Good job, Team Stapelbroek! 

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