Edeka Marktkauf, Münster-Gievenbeck: Food, perfectly staged

Within just two months, Team Stapelbroek completely redesigned the supermarket Marktkauf on Roxeler Straße in Münster-Gievenbeck. As soon as you step into the 5,600 square meter area, it gets obvious that food rules here. Service and freshness are very important, fresh convenience food assortments take in an unusually wide space.

Team Stapelbroek has done a great job: on the 5,600 square meter sales area, our colleagues have done pretty much everything that has to do with shop fitting and interior design, starting with the drywall, the wallpaper, the lettering, furniture and much more. One means of thematically organising the huge space is a wall cladding showing a colour gradient, indicating to the customer the different themes within the market. With a length of 650 meters and a height of up to three meters this cladding runs completely around the market area and gives the customer a good orientation.

Particularly impressive are the large sales counters in the market, especially the huge 17-meter-long and curved shelving construction for organic products, which draws all the attention when entering the market. Mounted on the construction are different-coloured, more than four-meter-high glass structures. They again support the intuitive spatial arrangement of the theme worlds in the market.

Huge dimensions also show the wine presentation. On a total of 135 square meters of shelf space, it offers wines from all over the world. An eye-catcher is the cheese counter and the transparent storage with a total height of six meters.

Edeka Rhein-Ruhr is currently testing the new appearance of its large areas with the new Marktkauf and another supermarket also located in Münster. "The markets in Münster are not blueprints for other locations, but tailor-made for the respective local market", explained Dirk Neuhaus, the head of the regional company, to the Lebensmittelzeitung.

Together with Edeka Rhein-Ruhr, Team Stapelbroek is now working on the further development of new concepts for other large areas.

Pictures by Guido Leifhelm,

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