Mud Master 2018: We made it through 12 kilometres of mud

Team work makes the dream work!

A team of 29 Stapelbroek colleagues started in the 12 km course at the Mud Masters competition in Weeze beginning of May. The weather was gorgeous, all of our contestants were in good spirits, easily recognised by the vibrant blue of their team shirts and the motto of the day on their back: Team work makes the dream work. 

As a reminder: At Mud Masters Obstacle Run, a fast finish time is not important; it’s all about making it to the finish line together. The ground of the course is patched with sand and on top, it often goes up and down hill. So a certain degree of physical fitness is mandatory to succeed. The tricky obstacles force the participants to work together. 

Our Team Stapelbroek has proved to work great as a team: ALL our participants made it through the 27 muddy obstacles.

We are proud of our Mud Masters! CONGRATS!!



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