New branch in Düsseldorf: Stapelbroek on the puls of the happening

Just a two-minute walk from Königsallee in Düsseldorf, there is now a new branch of Stapelbroek. The offices are located in the immediate vicinity of one of the most frequented retails streets in Germany. Düsseldorf offers a unique mix innovative startups and the status of one of the most important German commercial centers. Many large companies have their office headquarters here.

Under the best conditions for Stapelbroek, an office with character has been created right in the heart of Düsseldorf: The bright and spacious office space on 120m² has already become a Meet & amp; Greet place developed for many customers from all areas of retail, office and hotel.

The office is Stapelbroek’s central meeting place for maintaining and expanding its network.

Turning space into perfection