Pillows Grand Hotel Reylof, Ghent - Belgium: Elaborated catering facilities for "clockless eating"

In the extraordinary setting of Villa Reylof in the historic city center of Ghent, Belgium, the four-star Deluxe Pillows Grand Hotel has been welcoming guests recently. The magnificent building was built in 1724 in the style of Louis XIV by Baron Olivier Reylof. Since 1990, the hotel and the associated coach house is a listed building. Noteworthy is the exterior sandstone façade of the building offering 157 rooms and eight salons in the inside. An impressive spiral staircase stuns all visitors inside, large windows illuminate the rooms designed with exquisite design. The combination of elegant modernity and the Empire style is particularly well done here. Delicate colours, soft fabrics and contemporary artworks give each room an individual touch and fulfill the central claim of the hotel: to come home in true luxury.

Team Stapelbroek produced the individual furniture for the entire public area of ​​the Grand Hotel. 

In addition to the furniture in the restaurants and various custom-made-cabinets and counters, our team constructed two elaborate cabinet wall constructions in the conference rooms with soundproof doors and buffet facilities within a time frame of unbelievable six weeks. Our team also provided the centrepiece of the new Pillows Grand Hotel, the "Living": Here, guests are not only welcomed, but also enjoy culinary specialties under the motto "clockless eating" - all around the clock - at the bar, made of real marble. The particular challenge for our team was the technical equipment and assembly of the extensive gastronomic offer at the Pillows Grand Hotel.

Turning space into perfection