Tom Tailor shows new store concept in Vösendorf, Lower Austria

For some weeks now, the fashion chain Tom Tailor has shown its new store concept in the SCS shopping centre in Vösendorf near Vienna. Team Stapelbroek completely realised the redesign of the interior and façade of the 249 sqm shop, covering the floor work, drywall and painting work of the surface and the entire electrical system, as well as the ventilation and safety technology.

Fresh design for a better shopping experience

The new design concept impresses above all with the new continuous clinker glare in the upper third of the store walls. A new design element is a handrail made of ash wood, which on the one hand limits the clinker elements visually attractive to the clothing presentation below and which, on the other hand, can be used flexibly for the mounting of shelf installations. Outfits, shoes or accessories are nicely displayed on these handrail constructions.
Another novelty is the distinction of the women's department to the men's area by colours - the ladies now shop in an interior styled with lighter colours. Men are surrounded by darker colours, besides, they can make themselves comfortable in the new lounge area, while their better halves are shopping.

The ceilings are designed more fashionably in the new store design concept by Tom Tailor. By means of an open ceiling, the whole room seems more generous, the stylish design emphasized by the grey lacquered raw ceiling on top. LED-lighting runs through the entire store. This accentuates the characteristic colour and finish of the clinker. In addition to the expansion and redesign of the interior, the façade was also reworked and a roller shutter door was installed for safety reasons.

Parallel to the realisation of this Tom Tailor store, our guys have also completed the two new designs in Bürs and Feldkirch. From now on, further Tom Tailor shops are going to be set up according to the new concept.

Turning space into perfection