Bain & Company is one of the biggest corporate consultancies worldwide. The Dutch headquarters are located on the 24th and 25th floors of the famous Rembrandt Tower, the highest building in Amsterdam. The company had grown significantly in recent years and had already finalised its plans for an office re-design, for these reasons Bain & Company decided to designate the top floor of the building, the 32nd floor, as the "Bain Community" space.

The new office layouts for Bain & Company, designed by the Amsterdam design office D/Dock, provide space for the famous 4Cs: concentration, contemplation, collaboration and communication. The manager offices can be used in various functions: They serve as meeting and presentation rooms when people aren't working in them. All the offices are located inside the building, so the office floors offer a fantastic 360° view of the metropolis and plenty of natural light. 

In close collaboration with Verwol, NL, Team Stapelbroek has equipped the new Bain & Company premises with new furniture. The remodeling project was implemented in several phases so that the Bain employees were able to continue to use the rooms at all times. On a floor area of ​​around 2,500 square meters, our team produced and installed a number of new cabinets, furniture for all workstations, the printer units and the catering areas.

Slideshow pictures by Michael van Oosten,

Turning space into perfection