Offline-concept for online optician Mister Spex: Stapelbroek to be the exclusive roll-out partner

More than ten years ago, Mister Spex, Berlin, launched their online eyewear retailing, triggering a revolution in the optician market. The online optician now operates his own websites in France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and is also active in Norway and Sweden.

Mister Spex has been following a multichannel strategy for quite some time and presents its range of eyewear in its own stores, which are located in areas between 120 and 150 square meters in high-frequency locations. The prototype of a Mister Spex shop opened in Berlin-Mitte on Alexanderplatz in 2016, followed shortly afterwards by a second store in Berlin-Steglitz, realised by Team Stapelbroek. Stapelbroek also gradually implemented the other stores in Bremen, Dortmund, Oberhausen, Essen, Bochum, Sulzbach near Frankfurt and Erfurt. Only recently the tenth shop in Münster / Westphalia opened, just in time for the 10th anniversary of the online optician.

Clear and transparent room design 

The Mister Spex stores feature clear structures and a transparent room design. The atmosphere is modern yet comfortable. Light oak wood dominates in combination with matte white and grey, special accents in anthracite and green support the open spatial effect. A homogeneous backlight with natural light emphasises the brand character. The focus is on the glasses, positioned at an angle and lying down for a good overview at eye level. Recurring element is a lamellar back wall panelling behind the eyeglass shelves. A grey couch with a side table in company colour serves as a retreat and at the same time as an eye-catcher.

Mister Spex Retail 2.0

Mister Spex draws a successful first review of his offline business. Together with Stapelbroek, Mister Spex is currently preparing the second stage of development with the aim of making the retail concept sustainable and of driving forward the expansion nationwide. The experts are currently working on the Digital Pricing concept: the transparency that makes the online business possible should be reflected uncompromisingly in stores with digital pricing tags. Team Stapelbroek is happy to be the exclusive rollout partner, the next stores are about to open.

Turning space into perfection